You can now see pictures on the Facebook page of Harrisburg Area Community College Hospitality & Tourism Dept. of the amazing Fred Harvey dishes prepared by students from the Olewine Culinary School under the supervision of Chef Autumn Miles Patti.

Here are my favorites–and if your culinary school would like to try this fun and educational program (most of these students had never heard of Fred Harvey before, and now they understand his role in the development of their field), contact Chef Autumn at

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  1. lamqua

    Not being an experienced blog person, I couldn’t find the place to say how much I am loving your book. Three years ago my husband and I made our first, but hopefully not the last- trip to the Southwest. It was our introduction to all it’s wonders and the name of Fred Harvey. Your book is history of an amazing time in American history, and an amazing family. Can’t wait to make a tour of the Harvey trail, to see what is left of Fred and Ford’s legacy.

    June 20th, 2010 | 8:39 pm
  2. thanks. and if you make the trip, please check out both the appendix to the book about how to make the trip, and my recent Boston Globe “Tour de Fred” piece.

    June 22nd, 2010 | 6:42 am

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