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"A charming collection of personal essays about marriage by a guy who sounds like a devoted husband--a devoted husband, but still a guy, and that's what makes this book fun. ... Fried's guy friends won't be too pleased with his giving away their secrets, but wives will love this book--it's both funny and true."
--Philadelphia Inquirer

"Fun ... insightful ... playful ... humorous."
--Deseret Morning News

"A great read -- it's funny and touching and enlightening. It touches on heavy topics (losing a father, dealing with divorce) and light ones (the difficulty men have loading the dishwasher, their disregard for fashion as they age and what the hell they talk about while they're standing naked in the gym locker room). You know, all the stuff women are dying to know about men."
--Dallas Observer

"Any woman who's married or been married, or has/had a boyfriend—or a father, brother or male roommate for that matter—[will] read, laugh and nod in agreement ... It's a good thing Fried has a self-deprecating tone and a sense of humor because that's what makes this book accessible to both genders."
--Chicago Sun-Times

"Witty ... Fried sportingly gives his readers a guest pass to the locker room ... If many of the essays fail to venture beyond the familiar borders of dirty socks and holiday gift dilemmas, their small effects add up to a more satisfying whole—kind of like a good marriage "
--The Pennsylvania Gazette

"Provocative, wise and often hilarious ... no subject is out of bounds as Fried reveals the dailynesses of intimacy, of marriage, of love, of good times and bad"
--Washtenaw Jewish News

"Lighthearted and humorous ... This easy-to-read collection has some clever insights into the problems of married couples." 
--Jerusalem Post

"Ladies' Home Journal columnist Stephen Fried's essays sort the darks and lights of Husbandry"
--Vanity Fair

"A daring, hilarious read that throws incisive light on mysteries that have long plagued womankind: the inner workings of the male mind."
--Jewish Times of South Jersey Seashore

"Fried is insightful as well as funny..."
--Publisher's Weekly

Sex, Love, & Dirty Laundry-
Inside the Minds of Married Men

What do America 's wives, wives-to-be, and ex-wives want? They want a man who will talk openly to them -- make them laugh, make them cry, tell them the truth, or tell them better lies. And they will find him in Husbandry, a collection of some 30 essays chosen from Stephen Fried's wildly popular column in Ladies' Home Journal. His smart, funny, touching pieces have America's wives talking to each other in a new way -- and talking, in many cases for the first time, to their husbands. Fried's Husbandry essays illuminate the mysterious and often maddening ways of married men, whether in love, in friendship, in the kitchen, the locker room, or the bedroom. Ranging from the sublime to the absolutely ridiculous, these pieces are wise, tender, and often laugh-out-loud funny.


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