Here’s a link, which takes a bit of time to download, that allows you to watch my entire 10/29/14 lecture at the New Mexico History Museum. This was originally supposed to be a small library presentation for a couple dozen museum patrons, and ended up being moved to the auditorium because there were a few more RSVPs than usual. The day of the talk, more than 260 people showed up. The auditorium holds only 214, so more than 40 had to be turned away–and then we decided to do an encore of the talk the next week. Another 95 people attended. Three weeks later, for the grand opening of the new museum exhibit on Fred Harvey, “Setting the Standard,” I did another Fred talk (along with curator Meredith Davidson and filmmaker Katrina Parks), which drew a crowd of over 400. The talk was simulcast to a screen in the lobby where there were another several dozen chairs and then a standing room crowd behind them and watching from the balcony above.

There is no doubt that the Fredaissance has arrived, and Fredheads rule. We even have our own T-shirts and coffee mugs (available from the NMHM gift shop)!


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