Bitter Pills

Bitter Pills is an intense investigation of the international pharmaceutical industry. But it is written in the form of my own personal quest for answers after my wife's own severe neurological reaction to one pill of a trendy new antibiotic, so it explores the fears and concerns of anyone who takes drugs--as well as all the people who research drugs, manufacture drugs, prescribe drugs and dispense drugs. The book takes you behind-the-scenes at drug companies and the FDA, and shows the pressures on your own doctors and pharmacists. It's also a very personal story of one couple's struggle to survive a medical emergency together.

The book includes a lengthy appendix to help you avoid adverse drug reactions, which, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, are the fourth-leading cause of death in America. The appendix teaches you how to read drug labels, what to ask your doctor and pharmacist, and how to research medications on the internet. It could save your life.